Servers is Hacker War come in several types. Operation servers, which provide both attack and defense, Spy servers, which provide both spy attack and spy defense and defense-only servers for both normal and spy operations.

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Operation ServersEdit

Operation servers provide attack and defense. They do not provide spy.

Main article: Servers/Operation Servers

Spy ServersEdit

Spy Servers Spy servers provide spy attack and spy defense.

Name Level Price Spy Attack Spy Defence Centers to Unlock
ProbeV1 1 25000 15 15
T-01 1 25

Operation Defense ServersEdit

Operation defense servers provide defense only.

Name Level Price Defense Centers to Unlock
Time Tower 1 25000 37500
BH01 1 ? ? 20

Spy Defense ServersEdit

Spy defense servers provide spy defense only.

Name Level Price Spy Defence Centers to Unlock
A-one 1 25000 11250
Y-Cone 1 20

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